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Product Ranges

Chain Lubricants
Car Wax Polish
Dash Board and Leather polish
Tyre Polish
Car Shampoos
Bike Polish
Rust Cleaners
Scratch Remover
Treadmill Lubricants

I have used the Kangaroo products for my car. The products truly are of very good quality and very effective too.

Ajay Raj, Delhi
They have a whole wide range of product for auto care. All my customers are very satisfied with the product quality Kangaroo is offering.
Nitin Sharma, Distributor, Delhi
My car always keep shining. Thanks really to the high performance car polishes & compounds.
Shivam Khanna, Dwarka, New Delhi

What else we can expect !!! Great Product to use and to maintain beauty of your vehicle !!

Nayna, New Delhi

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