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5 Tips to Keep the Dashboard Clean

Throughout your life as a driver you receive information about the care and maintenance of the car, the need to keep it clean for optimal performance and operation.

The advice focuses on the care of the mechanics and the bodywork and little is said about the interior, much less about the dashboard or billboard.  In order to extend its shelf life and maintain its safety, taking care of each part of the car is necessary and to maintain its cleanliness, optimum performance and operation, it is best to know some tips to take care of the car dashboard.

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Parts that make up the dash of the car

Before starting with the tips, one must know that the dash is the main element in the interior of the car, since it handles the functionality of many elements. In other words, the dashboard allows you to see if there is a fault in the engine or if the gas tank is almost empty, in addition to leveling out the temperature and being the center of attraction of the car’s interior.

The dashboard or billboard of the car consists of the following parts:

  • Infotainment system (audio controls, radio, screen, heating, air conditioning and ventilation)
  • Steering wheel
  • Gear lever
  • Instrument panel or indicators
  • Glove box
  • Interior rearview mirror
  • Parasol
  • Cup holders, ashtrays
  • Light lever and windscreen wiper
  • Side ventilation
  • horns

Tips for taking care of the board

Each part of the dash must have a different treatment, according to its material and texture. Now that you know everything that makes up the interior of the car, know some tips to take care of the dash, especially when it suffers from inclement weather from the sun, rain and the dust of the city.

  1. Use a clean damp cloth

To remove dust or excess dirt on the board, you can use a clean, damp microfiber cloth. Be careful not to use plenty of water as it can affect electronic and safety components.

Please perform the cleaning process regularly to avoid long-term careless damage, dirt can create stains difficult to remove.

  1. Suitable Products like best rubbing compound for car scratches

Before starting to clean the board, it is advisable to visit car dashboard polish manufacturers in Delhi and investigate products that are for automotive use, since if you select an inappropriate product, it could damage the material and color of the board.

  1. Take care of every detail

In cleaning, as in all life activities, details are important. To have a better result, one of the tips is to focus on the details and separate it by sections, by materials, by functions and by textures. Remember that each should be treated differently. Avoid petroleum products, silicones, and Teflon products that affect the top layer of the board, as well as solvents and products that can be abrasive. You can go for best rubbing compound for car scratches to sober their effect.

  1. Deep cleaning

To get to all the corners, lines and grids of the board you can use soft brushes. A more thorough cleaning may require a screwdriver. You can also use cups and a small cloth to clean the air fans and speakers, as well as the glove box. Please note cleaning all buttons and grilles.

  1. The perfect finish

To finish the cleaning of the board and to achieve a perfect and durable finish, go for best polish for car dashboard from car dashboard polish manufacturers in Delhi, which provides the natural finish of the plastic (matte or glossy as the case may be) or if you like a glossy finish you can use a car polish with a dry cloth on all the plastic parts of the dash, this will give it that shiny effect again (everything goes to taste).

Now that you know some tips for car dashboard care, give it a couple of hours to transform your interior and don’t forget to put a finishing touch with a best polish for car dashboard that reflects your personality.

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