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7 Common Mistakes Of Car Cleaning

We are at a time when it is common to find your car in poor condition after parking, thanks to the dust, pollution, trees, and birds. The result is that the car is usually dirty and that we go more often than usual to clean it. But, attention, there are many mistakes that we make when we believe we leave it in a state of review, and many of them compromise the state of the car.

  1. Abuse cleaning products

They have some instructions for use, and few read them, this means that we can expose the varnish and paint of our vehicle too long to abrasive agents that could finish polishing, or leave it with a polka dot finish. It will always be better to opt for special agents designed to clean the car and buy them from reputed rubbing compound manufacturers in India.

Common Mistakes Of Car Cleaning

2. Washing tunnels

You need to be very cautious with the car wash you use. It is the most comfortable and fastest option, but we must avoid them as much as possible because the rollers turn at high speed and can lift parts of our vehicle like mirrors, levers or antennas. If we finally decide to use one, we must always choose those where the rollers are in the shape of cloth and lack plastic filaments because they end up scratching our paint. Whenever possible, it is better to use a high-pressure gun and rub the car by hand.

3. Dry with an old shirt

After cleaning the car, you have to dry it as soon as possible so that the marks of the drops do not remain. For the drying, you always should use microfiber cloths and not old shirts, because these can also lift the paint, not to mention that if they have a sticker, this can also leave traces.

4. Rub with a sponge

Sometimes it is thought that a sponge is the best option to rub the car when the dirt has been soaked, but they are harder than necessary and can scratch our car. Beware also of the crystals, as the effect may be the same. For this, it is preferable to use mittens or wipes specially designed for this process.

5. Domestic window cleaner

Most household cleaning products have ammonia, a product that endangers the finish given to the windows and windows of our cars, especially those that are tinted. These products are also not recommended against leather, plastic, and vinyl because of the risk of corrosion. You can also use suggestions and products from car scratch remover manufacturer in India.

6. Clean the car to the sun

Washing the car in the sun will only accelerate the drying process, which is not as good as it may seem since it will not allow time to remove the soap residue or remove the marks of the remaining drops of water. Another maxim that we find here is never clean it when the car is hot after a long journey because the effect will be the same.

7. Use a single cloth

If before we talked about using several buckets of water, the same thing we have to say about the wipes. The ideal thing is to use several because, no matter how much they rinse, they accumulate dirt that ends up being spread throughout the vehicle. And there are areas, such as tires, where this dirt accumulates to a high degree.

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