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A Proper Care for Even When it is Not Running

The sheer passion for a car is almost insurmountable and an avid car enthusiast admires and loves their car the most. However, a car may not be in use for a longer period of time due to many reasons including the inclement weather. Many also put their car to rest when they are not around or have left for someplace else for a long tourney. Nevertheless, a car does need the care it calls for when it is running full throttle. Hence, one has to ensure that their car gets the desired care not only for the exterior body but also for the internal components. Follow these instructions to give your car comprehensive cleaning.

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  1. Cleaning of the interiors prior to parking the car– It is the most common point for maintaining a car and yet it gets neglected. One must not leave trash in cars, including chocolate or biscuit wrappers (with crumbs inside), old newspapers, and water bottles and so on. Leaving the edible exposes your car interiors to rot, attracts rodents that can damage floor mats, seat covers and even wiring. Therefore, go for a complete clean up in a thorough manner and finish off with a little freshener. But don’t use too much as even as it will stink in the closed confines over a long period.
  2. Paint job protection– A car’s paint job is always at the risk of getting damaged if the vehicle is parked outdoors, even with a car cover protecting it, due to the dust, grime and moisture. The best way to shield and protect the car’s exterior damage is by cleaning up with the car polish manufacturers in India. You must also make it a point to remove any dirt, dust or grime stuck to the vehicle before applying a coat of polish and wax. This will help in keeping moisture away.
  3. Change oil and filters-It’ll help to change engine oil and air filters. One must know that the used oil contains moisture, metal filings, sludge, and other corrosive elements. This, in turn, can make the surface smudgy. It’s most recommended that you put fresh engine oil and new filters before leaving. However, do drive the car for a few kilometers so that the fresh oil is circulated inside the engine.
  4. Spark plug care– If you are going to leave your car idle for a long period, it’s advisable to remove the spark plugs and spray a little oil into plug sockets before putting the plugs back again. This will help to prevent the insides of the cylinder-head rusting and keep away the moisture. Additionally, the fuel additives can also be added since they provide a protective coating to the insides of the engine. We must also add a word of caution. You should do it only when you are absolutely well versed in the mechanics of the car.

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