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An Overview of Difference Between Polishing And Waxing A Car

There are several steps involved when it comes to maintaining a car with the best possible appearance. This type of work can be done by a professional or at home. And perhaps include protective measures to ensure that your car remains as good as new or perhaps contemplate a treatment to eliminate scratches, dents, and other imperfections after they have occurred. The polishing and waxing of the car are necessary to detail the car care, and each serves a purpose. Car wax manufacturers in Delhi provide the complete details of the two processes.

Waxing a car consists of applying a layer of wax on the surface of the paint in order to protect it.

Wax can come in two forms: liquid and paste and can be made of natural or synthetic components. Both natural and synthetic wax creates a layer that gives more shine to the surface of the car and protects the paint from the action of the elements, preventing water from accumulating and sliding. It also filters UV rays and prevents discoloration, which is common with the passage of time. As it helps to delay oxidation by forming a physical barrier between the metal and the salts, oils and other pollutants to which the car is exposed while handling it.

The liquid wax works similarly to the paste, but it creates a thinner layer that generates more time. With both types of wax, the application process consists of rubbing the product on the surface of the car and then, once a matt shine has been achieved (the product is dried), the wax is removed by rubbing with a cloth or clean microfiber.


Polishing the surface of the car paint consists of applying an abrasive product to eliminate scratches, stains or burnt paint.

The polishing liquid to fulfill its mission contains abrasive elements that will polish the surface, although, in fact, they are eliminating a thin layer of the paint on the car. The solid components of the polish settle into the scratches and minimize their appearance, reflecting light and causing them to fuse with the rest of the surface. Car polish manufacturers in Delhi also supply two-in-one polishing liquids that contain wax to improve shine.

The polishing liquid can be applied by hand or with the help of an electric polisher with a wool mop or soft foam rubber.

Although both waxing and polishing are used to achieve a brighter surface, they work differently.

While waxing a car is applying a protective layer, polishing removes a surface layer where stains and burned paint are discarded, but at the same time the paint thins down. Usually, the wax is applied after polishing to restore the layer that has been lost and to protect the newly worked surface.

New cars where the paint does not have any damage only need wax to protect the paint and prolong its original brightness, while cars that have imperfections in the paint or lost their original shine need to be polished and then protected with wax.

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