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Do I Need to Polish a Car Before Winter?

Many drivers are interested in why polishing is needed for the winter. Indeed, in wet weather, in slush, even the cleanest car becomes dirty in a matter of minutes. And so it’s completely not logical

How to Remove Scratches on Vehicle Surface ?

Scratches on the surface of the vehicle, wood rubbing, stone, stone splashing, rubbing the vehicle and so on. It can occur for many reasons. Scratches on the bodywork cause both a bad appearance and a

A Proper Care for Even When it is Not Running

The sheer passion for a car is almost insurmountable and an avid car enthusiast admires and loves their car the most. However, a car may not be in use for a longer period of time

What is the Best Polish for 2019 to Give a Second Life to the Body of your Car?

Would you like to take as good care of your car as possible, especially by making its body shine? With the polish, yours can become like new again. There are many different kinds, and it

Scratches on the Car How to Remove?

“Scratched the car and disappeared! What to do?! ”- the cry of the soul of a car enthusiast who found his car with a scratch on the wing, door, body, as they say, underline what

How to Distinguish Good Polishing from Bad Polishing

The consequences of poor-quality polishing can be disastrous for both the car and the wallet of its owner. In this article, we will tell you how to identify poor polishing and how to avoid them.