Month: January 2018

An Overview of Difference Between Polishing And Waxing A Car

There are several steps involved when it comes to maintaining a car with the best possible appearance. This type of work can be done by a professional or at home. And perhaps include protective measures to ensure that your car remains as good as new or perhaps contemplate a treatment to eliminate scratches, dents, and […]

How to Get Best Results in Car Polishing?

The purpose of polishing a car is to restore the vehicle’s original brilliance. This process, which occurs after washing the car, removes the thin coat of paint from the bodywork, then brings out the original paint giving it a new shine. Polishing the body requires a good mastery of the technique to give your vehicle […]

Car Polish: To Choose the Right Products?

Why polish your car? To shine one’s car, one naturally answers mainly to aesthetic considerations. However, the polishing of the body is a protection for it, and its paint can be preserved this way. This process is all the more recommended as it makes the external washing of the vehicle more comfortable. If the user […]

Help On Holograms After Polishing The Body Of The Vehicle

To have the appearance of our vehicle preserved in perfect condition is practically a necessity today. It is not only a sign that dignifies us but also our external projection that identifies us with the vehicle we drive. Therefore, throughout its life, a vehicle has to go through a polishing process sooner or later to […]

7 Common Mistakes Of Car Cleaning

We are at a time when it is common to find your car in poor condition after parking, thanks to the dust, pollution, trees, and birds. The result is that the car is usually dirty and that we go more often than usual to clean it. But, attention, there are many mistakes that we make […]

How To Restore The Shine After Rubbing Compound Dulls The Finish Of A Car?

Proper car maintenance can prolong the life of your car for years, but sometimes it feels like you are fighting an uphill battle. For example, the application of polishing compound can fix scratches and oxidation on the surface of a vehicle but usually leaves the finish looking dull or cloudy. The experts at Turtle Wax […]