Month: May 2019

Dry Car Washing: The Smart Way To Clean Your Car

Dry washing a car may not seem to be a likable or even a believable idea for most of us. Apart from the obvious question of how, the thing that seems to be convincing for car lovers is that there is no substitute of water. Well, the car polish manufacturers in India have changed this […]

Waxing And Polishing: The Underlying Differences To Know

Many in the automobile cleaning world perceive that the products like best polish for car dashboard with the intention of improving cars’ visual aesthetics. What we do fail to notice is that the waxing can also be a protector of the car’s surface as well. A wax followed by a polish is a perfect solution […]

Some Common Bike Problems

A motorcyclist, the last thing you want is a mechanical problem as you ride past the city at a high speed. There is hardly anything more annoying than seeing your bike make a funny noise, snapped chains due to the lack of lubing (which can also lead to fatal accidents). But there is always a […]

Clean Your Motorbike Using These Cleaning Techniques

Keeping your motorbike clean, just like taking care of your gear, is a critical part of being a great motorbike rider. It isn’t just to keep it looking good — it’s to keep it running smoothly. Even if you have very minimal understanding of mechanics, you can do a great job on your own by […]

How To Prevent Your Car From Summer Heat?

Summers can be huge suffering not just for us but for the cars as well. We may spend quite a lot on high gloss car polish to make the car appear swanky. But it does not take too long to see that getting withered in intense heat due to high temperature. An overheated car can […]