Month: November 2019

Get Long-Term Bike Care With a Value Pack

Let’s face it. For many people out there, a bike is not just a two-wheeled mechanized vehicle but a lifeline. After all, it lets them cover the distance to their destinations on a daily basis. Many people also fall into the category that enjoys biking however the road and weather conditions are poor and not […]

Guide to Car And Bikes Polishing 

Polishing is the passage that involves the greatest final differences in the appearance of the paint and the decisive one to reach the prefixed objectives in terms of gloss, brightness, and depth. The goal of polishing is to remove the imperfections on the lens that make the surface opaque. Swirls, scratches, halos, incisions, manufacturing defects, […]

How to Care for a New Car

The engine and electronic systems of the new machines do not need special maintenance, they will only need control. But the body and interior of the new car must be monitored closely. Car body care of a new car Two things help to keep the body of a new car in perfect condition – proper […]

How to Handle a Car Body for the Winter

Winter is a harsh time for any car, regardless of whether it is new or not. One month of car operation in winter can be safely compared with one year of summer operation. Winter slush, the formation of a mixture consisting of water, salt, sand – all this is covered in layers on the body, […]

How to Polish a Black Car?

Polishing the car body. How to do it and how to polish a car with your own hands. Step-by-step polishing instructions Polishing the car body is a rather relevant topic because each car owner wants to see his reliable iron friend as beautiful and pearly shimmering in the sun with perfect mirror paint. Such success […]