Month: January 2020

5 Popular Myths About Car Polishing

It’s no secret that every car is constantly exposed to adverse external influences, such as rain, hail, dirt, temperature changes, ultraviolet rays, and simply exhausts on the roads. At first, negative substances create a small coating, but then more and more are eaten into the paintwork, which threatens with dimming, scratches, and cracks. How to […]

Do I Need to Polish a Car Before Winter?

Many drivers are interested in why polishing is needed for the winter. Indeed, in wet weather, in slush, even the cleanest car becomes dirty in a matter of minutes. And so it’s completely not logical to polish a car for the winter because the shine of a car at this time is useless. But every […]

How to Remove Scratches on Vehicle Surface ?

Scratches on the surface of the vehicle, wood rubbing, stone, stone splashing, rubbing the vehicle and so on. It can occur for many reasons. Scratches on the bodywork cause both a bad appearance and a loss of value. Scratches that do not intervene in time can deepen and become permanent after a while. To prevent […]

A Proper Care for Even When it is Not Running

The sheer passion for a car is almost insurmountable and an avid car enthusiast admires and loves their car the most. However, a car may not be in use for a longer period of time due to many reasons including the inclement weather. Many also put their car to rest when they are not around […]