Month: February 2020

Bike Care in the Summers

As the winter season comes to a fold, the long period of summer is about to begin. This is the time when the intense heat can cause serious exterior disfigurement and potentially dangerous internal component breakdown. In a tropical country like India where the summer season lasts longer than usual, bike care is anything but […]

Removing Scratches on a Car – Some Tips

Each car is exposed to the external environment, especially during driving – sand and small pebbles can leave chips and scratches on the paintwork of the car. Unfortunately, this cannot be avoided – more than 50% of cars have damage to the coating. Or if the chips are more serious – as a result of […]

Facts About Polishing a Car Body

Even a new car that has just come off the assembly line can have the smallest defects in the paintwork that cannot be seen with the naked eye. What can we say about the seasoned “iron horses” that went through with their owner’s snow, rain and bad roads! Chips, scratches, abrasions of the top layer […]