Month: April 2020

Learn More About Cleaning The Matte Surface Of Bikes

With changing times, the bikes have changed in the way it operates and there have been major overhauls in their appearance as well. The most significant being the introduction of the matte look for the bikes. As opposed to the high-gloss paintwork which gives them a mean and macho appearance, the matte look is more […]

Motorcycle Cleaning: The Crucial Process You Must Not Ignore

We all fantasize of a high speed bike running at the top gear and meaning nothing but mean speed. Most of us do have such bikes as well. They are an investment as well as a belonging which gives them a stronger sense of attachment. Hence, it is only obvious that the motorcycle is given […]

How To Select And Use Rubbing Compounds To Remove Residues-Scratch Out

Have you ever wondered where the difference lies when it comes to rubbing compound versus enamel? A rubbing compound is a somewhat old-fashioned term for a product that contains very aggressive ingredients that, if not used correctly, can eventually damage the paint more than you started. This is not a product that paint finishing professionals usually use […]

The Points To Consider For Lubrication

Lubrication forms the essential part for any bike and as such you need to be wary of a thing or two. The process goes well for a car and a bike. By and large, you are covered with the products of the bike chain lubricant spray online india and car polish manufacturers in Delhi. Take […]

5 Tips to Keep the Dashboard Clean

Throughout your life as a driver you receive information about the care and maintenance of the car, the need to keep it clean for optimal performance and operation. The advice focuses on the care of the mechanics and the bodywork and little is said about the interior, much less about the dashboard or billboard.  In […]