Month: June 2020

The Perfect Way To Clean Your Car Ac

Breathing fresh and clean air inside your car? This is more important than ever due to the coronavirus outbreak. This is a prerogative for those who spend a lot of time in it. Getting into the car and feeling is the classic stiffy and stuffy smell inside is, besides being annoying, a very common situation, […]

Lockdown Or Unlock, Vehicle Cleaning Remains The Same

No matter what the current situation is and what the past was, the fact remains that vehicles like car or motorcycles always need their share of cleansing. Therefore you always need to be on your toes and keep the best lubricants for motorcycles in India in handy. Having a bike cleaning and polishing liquid solution […]

The Critical Process Of Relubing And Polishing Your Bikes

With the best bike chain lubricant oil you can easily relieve yourself of the issue of relubing and polishing of bikes. At the same you also need to strike a balance between the amount of water and cleaning solution. But despite our best efforts we end up splashing more than a little bit of cleaning […]

Make The Job Of Bike Detailing Easy And Quick

By and large we make the mistake of overdoing the motorcycle and car detailing by spending big bucks. The fact remains that we can do the same without spending a fortune. We are talking of car wax manufacturers in Delhi who also manufacture bike detailing products. Don’t go by the tough lingo as bike detailing […]

What You Should Never Do When Polishing A Car Body?

Time is unforgiving and that applies to both people and their cars. If it has been a while since you bought your precious new vehicle, it is possible that its paint does not present the same immaculate condition, even if it has not suffered blows and even if the maintenance has been correct. Simply exposure […]

Rules For Removing Scratches On A Car Body That Everyone Should Know

Operation always leaves marks on the car body. Even a standing car gets damaged, and leaving any road is always a risk of getting new scars on the body. This is not a rule, but an axiom. You can achieve amazing accuracy from yourself, but to surround your car with people as pedantic and polite […]