Month: November 2020

Get Desired Smoothness With The Best Chain Lube

A bike is not only a vehicle we use a mode of transport. For some people, it is the labour of their love and the passion to see bikes zooming at top speed is nothing but utmost joy for them. That being said, a bike, like the human body needs care and some maintenance. And […]

Is It Possible To Lubricate The Treadmill On Your Own?

The adequacy of the functionality and durability of the service of any mechanism, device depends on its initial quality and compliance with the service rules. Treadmills are designed so that user involvement is minimal in order to avoid accidental damage due to unprofessionalism. So treadmills require only surface cleaning and occasional lubrication. We will talk […]

How To Remove Rust From Your Vehicle?

The car in the modern world is no longer a luxury, but a necessary assistant. However, even during the purchase, the driver is not safe from the fact that signs of corrosion can appear on the surface of the body soon enough. And even a factory anti-corrosion coating will not be able to protect the […]

Enjoy Your Ride With Proper Lubrication Of Your Bike

The noise of clicking, cracking can make our day bitter and usually have the same cause, a lack of oil at a certain point. Greasing is the life of the bike, it lubricates the joints, eliminates excessive friction and wear while allowing everything to run smoothly and quietly. Do not worry, with an easy periodic […]