Month: June 2021

Why does the treadmill need to be lubricated?

Lubricating the belt is very important, especially in the day-to-day environment of the treadmill. The lubricant creates a protective layer between the belt and the deck, which reduces the coefficient of friction of the moving parts. As a result, the load on the belts and the engine is reduced, and their wear is slowed down. […]

Tips for correctly cleaning and lubricating a treadmill

Proper and timely treadmill lubrication is an essential step in treadmill maintenance. Paying due attention to it means ensuring an excellent technical condition and a long service life of the simulator. A special silicone-based treadmill lubricant is used to impregnate the belts at the factory. If in the future the simulator is rarely used or […]

How and with what to lubricate the treadmill?

Lubrication of any equipment is an important procedure necessary to increase the life of the equipment, and therefore, save money. This must be borne in mind when using treadmills. Treadmills are of two types: Mechanical (easy to use, set in motion by mechanical action, by means of its own strength running along it) Electric (modern […]

Lubricating and re-tensioning your treadmill: why it requires attention?

The treadmill requires attention and regularity in monitoring and maintenance. In particular, it is essential to lubricate it to ensure smooth movement. Here is how to do it. Check if lubrication is necessary on your treadmill By lubricating your treadmill regularly, you benefit from better comfort, but also and above all you protect both the […]

How to remove rust and prevent its reappearance?

The destruction of the metal is closely related to the operating conditions and the place where the surface is located. The rate of damage depends on many factors: chemical composition, surface roughness, gaps, and so on. By its nature, rust is the result of metal oxidation. The combination of a chemical element with oxygen leads […]