Month: May 2023

How car detailing gives you maximum benefits

How Car Detailing Gives you Maximum Benefits

In order to restore the beauty of your car, its detailing becomes imperative. Hence, the process of car detailing wherein the products of car dashboard polish manufacturers in India remove all the imperfections and defects on the car body. Usually, it is the painted surface that is prone to such defects. Car detailing also takes […]

Protecting matte finish of cars with car polish suppliers’ products

Protecting Matte Finish of Cars With Car Polish Suppliers

Before we delve into the importance of car care, and more specifically about protecting your car’s matte finish, it is important to know what matte finish is. Well, a matte finish or look given to a car is basically a clear-coat finish. They are symbolized by microscopic dimples and dents which deters any direct reflection […]

AC vent/ducts

Cleaning the AC vent/ducts of your cars this summer

In the scorching heat of Indian summers, there are very few things that stay intact or lose their energy. The same is also applicable to the cars that you have as your ideal mode of transport. For lack of a better phrase, you have to go the extra mile to ensure that your car is […]

Car Polishing

Why Car Polishing is an Important Part of Overall Car Maintenance

A car is not a vehicle that can be owned by one and all. It is bought after spending a considerable amount of money. People wait for years to save on money so they can buy the car of their choice. Therefore, one should not hold themselves back from getting the best or car care […]