All You Need To Know About Chain Lubricant?

The state of your motorcycle’s chain is critical to its overall health and performance. According to research, the average motorcycle exerts the same amount of power on the back tyre as a small car, thus failing to maintain your chain might jeopardize your bike’s safety and performance.

As a result, chain lubricant is a must-have for all riders. It protects your bike from water, grime, and a variety of other harsh factors while also improving its performance and efficiency.

Benefits of Chain Lubricant

  • Longer chain life: — A dry chain that creates metal-on-metal contact wears out far faster than a greased chain.
  • Save money– Keeping your chain in good shape means you won’t have to replace it as often, which will save you money in the long run.
  • Protected from the elements:–  chain lubricant protects your chain from dirt, grit, snow, sand, and a variety of other elements that can cause it to rust and corrode.
  • Reduce chain noise :If your chain has started to grow noisier, it’s most likely because it hasn’t been properly lubricated and requires chain lubricant.
  • Better Shifting: A dry chain can cause jerky shifting, slowing down your bike and reducing its efficiency.

How to Apply

Place the bike on a stand so you can rotate the back wheel by hand. While turning the back wheel, spray the chain lube directly into the chain links, making sure to cover all surfaces (the nozzle has been designed for easy and precise application, ensuring you only apply it where you need it). When applied, the chain lube is thin at first, allowing it to permeate all portions of the chain for optimal coverage, before quickly thickening to form a thicker protective layer that also resists fling-off during use. To ensure comprehensive chain protection and performance, we recommend cleaning your chain before to application to eliminate any existing dirt and grime from riding.


Our kangaroo autocare chain lubricant is a favorite among riders. For riders and mechanics alike, our specially designed kangaroo Autocare Chain Lube and Chain Wax provide industry-leading lubrication. The Chain Lube was created with an anti-fling coating to function particularly well under extreme conditions such as street, track, or racing riding.


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