Answering all concerns about the use of treadmill silicone lubricant

A treadmill is a wise investment in your health and well-being. Take great care of your investment by ensuring that your treadmill is in excellent working order. This entails adding Treadmill Silicone Lubricant to your treadmill’s belt regularly. Don’t worry if you’re not convinced yet; in this article, we’ll address all of your primary worries about silicone lubricant’s use and worth.

Why should you use Treadmill Lubricant on your treadmill?

Lubricant is great for reducing friction between your treadmill belt and deck. Also, it helps in lowering noise and reviving old treadmills. It’s also a vital element of routine treadmill maintenance.

How do you check the lubrication of your treadmill’s belt?

Every second month, you should reach between the belt and the deck to make sure there is lubrication.

Treadmill Lubricant: How Do You Use It?

To begin, clean between the belt and the deck to eliminate any material that may have become stuck there. Use a rag, t-shirt, or light towel that is clean and non-fraying. Push the garment under the belt halfway between the end of the treadmill and the motor cover, until you can grip it on both sides of the belt. Drag the garment 1-2 times the length of the belt. Remove the clothes from your body.

Once the treadmill is clean, apply the Treadmill Silicone Lubricant as follows:

  1. To reduce the danger of damage, make sure your machine is turned off and unplugged. To check for lubrication, reach between the belt and the top of the treadmill base.
  2. Kneel near the treadmill deck and lift the treadmill belt just enough away from the treadmill base with one hand so you can reach the lubricant underneath with the other.
  3. Begin putting 12 of your lube bottle in a long “S” pattern about 4-6″ from one edge, starting about 1 foot from the motor cover.
  4. Reconnect the treadmill’s power cord and turn the power switch on.
  5. To evenly distribute the lubricant along the treadmill belt and deck, walk on the belt at a moderate speed for 5 minutes.
  6. The lubricant for your treadmill belt has been applied. Normal operation can now be resumed.

How often should Treadmill Lubricant be used?

This time may differ depending on your model. Some people need lubricant more frequently than others. Check your owner’s manual for precise time guidelines according to your model, but a general rule of thumb is every 40 hours of use or 3 months, whichever comes first. Higher-end models may not require as much maintenance; for example, the TRX3500 suggests lubrication after 80 hours of operation or sooner if the deck appears to be dry or unclean.


Using Treadmill Silicone Lubricant on the deck at the specified intervals will guarantee that your treadmill lasts as long as feasible. If the lubricant runs out, the friction between the belt and the deck increases, putting undue strain on the drive motor, drive belt, and electronic motor control board, potentially resulting in catastrophic failure of these costly components. We provide a variety of high-quality lubricants at kangaroo; browse our subcollection today.

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