Avoid Breaking Down Of Tradmill With Regular Lubrication

For the gym freaks, there is no break or directive of sorts when it comes to working out on a treadmill. When more people have the treadmills in homes, the presence of treadmill lubricant spray is more than just a necessity. The reason being that the treadmill too is made of iron and is susceptible to rust and other breakdowns if not maintained properly. With the use of treadmill lubricant oil, you can see a host of problem getting sorted without having to bring anyone to fix it. The benefits of regular oiling are manifold too which include:

  • A treadmill lubricant oil reduces friction between the tread belt and the motor, significantly extending track life.
  • Treadmill lubricant helps in keeping the machine in shape even when it is out of use. If the treadmill belt is not lubed in a timely manner then it can lead to brittle surface and break the machine when it is restarted.
  • Having your treadmill belt maintained with treadmill oil for belt is far better an option than buying a new belt which would only add to your costs.

Another question which is very pertinent and frequently asked is how often should you lubricate the treadmill. Let’s put it this way. The manufacturer of low-cost treadmills are of the opinion that it is wise to lubricate the machines every three months or every 40 hours of use. And if you happen to be from the warm environment area or have the treadmill placed in such condition then more lubrication is needed for the reason that the oil is likely to evaporate faster.

Applying treadmill lubricant oil is no difficult method to follow. All you need is some time and patience. Perhaps the only thing to keep in mind is that the process would vary from one model of treadmill to another. A common piece of advise is that of applying a thick strip of lubricant to a section of the belt. For this purpose, a treadmill oil for belt is more feasible than the spray-on treadmill lubricants. In the next step of the process, you need to run the treadmill for a good five minutes to ensure that it gets percolated in the belt track evenly. It goes without saying that the belt is the most important component of the treadmill. A bit of time spent for its lubrication is worth all the time spending hours running on the treadmill in an intense workout session.

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