Best Rubbing Compound for Car Scratches| Types

There’s nothing more frustrating and heart-sinking than having car scratches. Nobodies who love cars can tolerate it. Either you’re ok or not with it, there is always a danger of scratches. To overcome scratches problems, usually car owners buy rubbing compound for car scratches, but almost most of them are failing to remove scratches completely. To find the leading product that contains the best rubbing compound for car scratches is not quite easy.

There are so many scratch removal products in the market that may confuse you, and in a hurry, you may end up with the wrong one. Before telling you the finest product that contains the best rubbing compound for car scratches, let’s take a look at the types of scratches.

Types of Scratches

Scratches can come from any unexpected way even from car washing. Usually car scratches vary between lighter to deep or in expert tone. Primarily, they are divided into 3 type’s i.e clear coat scratch, primer-level scratch and deep-paint scratch.

Clear coat scratches

Scratches that occurs on the layer directly beneath the clear coat comes under clear coat scratches. It considers the most superficial scratches because it affects the clear coat. It lies on the top of the car surface and protects the look of the car from numerous environmental stresses, such as sunshine, rain, snow and other weather conditions.

Primer scratch

Primer scratches can go through the clear coat of the car and expose the primer. Such scratches seem like devastating aesthetic injury and left unavoidable marks.

Sometimes, a scratch can go through the clear coat on your vehicle and expose the primer. While this may seem like a devastating aesthetic injury to your car, this isn’t necessarily the case. If you look closely at the scratch, you will notice that the primer’s colour is coming through.

Paint Scratches

The scratches which are most severe for a car to sustain come under paint scratches. Typically, it appears when a car owner breaks out the VW touch up paint kit. The scratch is quite clear and mostly occurs by rocks, keys and auto collisions.

These are the 3 main types of scratches that your car may have. Taking your car to a professional for removing scratches can light your pocket weight and waste time. Instead of going for professional, you can remove them by yourself.

Kangaroo Scratch Remover can be a handy product for you to solve all your scratch problems. It’s simple to use and formulated with the best rubbing compound for car scratches. It can remove Swirl Marks, Scratches, Oxidation Layer and Gives High Gloss Mirror Shine.

It gives your car a long-lasting shining and protects the coat. It’s easy to use and takes less time than you think. Besides, it’s under your budget so that you don’t need to worry about your pocket. While it’s true that not all scratches are removable but to keep it shine and light, the scratches KANGAROO SCRATCH REMOVAL is best.

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