Bike Chain Maintenance and Lubrication: How to Do and What to Use?

Lubricating your bike chain seems simple right? But, this process is not so easy nowadays as distinctions must be made on the method and type of lubricant to use. It is very important to know what type of lubricant should be used according to climatic conditions.

Winter puts a strain on both our physical condition and that of the bike in all its parts. We will never tire of saying it: going out with a well-prepared mountain bike makes us have more fun and in complete safety. In particular, always in the cold season, it is mandatory to choose winter tires suitable for the surfaces we are going to ride.

Lubricating the bike chain is an operation that may seem obvious and banal, but it is not so, you have to choose the right lubricant. In this article, we are going to talk about the most important aspects related to this topic.

Clean the chain

Let’s start by saying that the chain must be lubricated when it is perfectly clean. Adding oil to a dirty chain is detrimental to the entire drivetrain.

Chain lube: how much and how to apply it?

With the chain clean and dry, lubricant should be sprayed on each link. After waiting for a few seconds to let it penetrate between the links, the chain should be cleaned with a paper towel or cloth. This action is done to remove the excess lube, the one that has not penetrated into the joints.

The operation serves to prevent dust and dirt from being attracted and deposited on the chain while driving, and then also ruining the crowns and sprockets.

What kind of lube to use on the bike chain?

There are many types of lubricants on the market and we must therefore understand which one is best for us. The choice must be made according to the routes we are going to face and the climatic conditions.

The chain is a fundamental element of a bike, therefore it must always be kept in good condition, clean and lubricated with chain lubricant TVS and, if necessary, be replaced after a certain use, to avoid other parts like cassette from being damaged with wear.

Cleaning the chain is important to remove any residual dust from the rollers, which would have an abrasive action shortening the life of the chain. If we are in the middle of nowhere and we do not have water, detergents, and/or degreasers, we can limit ourselves to wiping with a rag or handkerchief to remove the bulk.

The ideal lubricant must meet two characteristics:

– It must be persistent, that is, it must resist washing out and the rotation cycles of the chain joint. A persistent lubricant lasts a long time and ensures that the chain always remains properly lubricated.

– It must not allow dirt to attack, because the dirt has an abrasive function inside the bushings.

These are two characteristics that are hardly compatible since a persistent lube usually causes dirt to attack easily and vice versa.

It is therefore important to know how to choose the right chain lube Motul according to the weather conditions and the conditions of the chain. There are conditions in which a persistent product is better, others in which a slightly “sticky” one is better.

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