Careful treadmill lubrication: why is it important after certain period of time?

Treadmills must be carefully lubricated after a certain period of time. You can clean the treadmill more easily with the spray.

Although we all dream of exercising at home, it can take a long time to turn it into reality. Nowadays, doing sports at home by buying a treadmill can be an activity that everyone needs. In this way, it will be possible to run, jog or walk whenever you want, rather than going out at any time.

But is the treadmill maintenance that everyone is complaining about really happening in a way that causes problems?

In fact, when you ask how to maintain the treadmill, the answer you will get is clearly one item. We are talking about an exercise device whose electronic and physical parts are constantly moving due to the mechanism.

Here it is very important to minimize the wear caused by friction. Because the problems that occur, the malfunctions and the life of the treadmill completely depend on this friction.

It is fixed on a slippery floor under the outgoing tape that constantly slides under you. Apart from this fixing process, the maintenance criterion that you should be careful about is lubrication.

Moreover, dust, dirt should not enter the lower part of the tape. This will indicate blockages and deterioration of the slippery floor, and that the tape may be damaged during friction.


Continuously used treadmills are used to prevent the destruction of your moving parts working together with the motor parts. Treadmill lubricant spray, which will increase the efficiency of your treadmill, is also a maintenance product.

You will extend the life of your treadmill, which you use constantly, by maintaining it at regular intervals after your sports exercise is over.


Treadmill oil minimizes the risk of deterioration and destruction of the gear and mechanical parts of the constantly moving parts of your device.

The treadmill lubricant oil you will buy must be silicone: Never use any other oil. Make sure that the silicone treadmill oils you buy are in the form of a spray. This will be much easier for you to use.

What are the Benefits of Treadmill Oil?

Extends the life of your treadmill. It reduces the problems of the motor of the device caused by friction. It ensures the longevity of the tape you run on the device. It helps your treadmill run smoothly. It prevents your treadmill from making too much noise.

Note: It would be more beneficial for you to have your treadmill, which you use constantly, checked by the service once a year. The maintenance and necessary settings to be made by the service will allow you to enjoy your device longer and without any problems.

How to Use Treadmill Oil?

Make sure that the plug of your treadmill is unplugged from the electrical outlet while performing the following steps. Make sure your device is turned off and unplugged from the electrical outlet.

Lift one side of the moving tape in the walking area and spray the oil between it and the board. Then remove the other side and do the same there.

After your lubrication is finished, plug in your treadmill and run your treadmill at low speed for 3-5 minutes and wait for the treadmill oil to dissipate.


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