Chain Lube Spray: The Best Product For Peak Performance For Your Bike

Among riders, our kangaroo AutoCare Chain Lube Spray is a favourite. Our specifically developed Kangaroo Autocare Chain Lube and Chain Wax give industry-leading lubrication for riders and mechanics alike. The Chain Lube was designed with an anti-fling coating to perform well in tough riding circumstances like as street, track, or racing. It can provide a bike with the following advantages:

  1. longer chain life. A dry chain with metal-on-metal contact wears out far more quickly than a greased chain.
  2. It saves money. Keeping your chain in good condition means you’ll have to replace it less frequently, saving you money in the long term.
  3. Protected from the elements: Chain lubricant protects your chain against dirt, grit, snow, sand, and other factors that might cause it to rust and corrode.
  4. To reduce chain noise. If your chain is becoming noisier, it’s most likely due to a lack of lubrication and requires chain lube.
  5. Better Shifting. A dry chain can cause jerky shifting, causing your bike to slow down and lose efficiency.

Applicant Instructions

Place the bike on a stand so that you can manually twist the back wheel. Spray the chain lubricant straight into the chain links while turning the back wheel, being careful to cover all areas (the nozzle has been designed for easy and precise application, ensuring you only apply it where you need it). The  Chain Lube Spray starts off thin, allowing it to permeate all parts of the chain for optimal coverage, before quickly thickening to build a stronger protective layer that also resists fling-off during use. We recommend cleaning your chain prior to application to remove any existing dirt and grime from riding to ensure complete chain protection and performance.


For all motorcyclists, Chain Lube Spray is a must-have. It defends your bike against water, filth, and a range of other damaging elements while also boosting its performance and efficiency. The health and performance of your motorcycle are directly related to the condition of its chain. According to studies, a motorcycle’s back tyre exerts the same amount of power as a small vehicle, so failing to maintain your chain could threaten your bike’s safety and performance.

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