Chain Lubrication: Does It Really Affect Your Chain’s Life?

As expensive, guaranteed and reinforced as it is, a chain that is regularly checked, retensioned, cleaned, greased and maintained, will last longer. Considering the average price of a chain kit, you might as well manage to make it last. How to maintain your motorcycle chain, in three steps: lubricate, clean, check and adjust the tension.

The chain is the mechanical organ that allows to transfer the circular motion, developed during the pedaling gesture, from the bottom bracket axis to the rear wheel.

The chain is made up of several links, each link is in turn made up of a pair of metal plates which are allowed to rotate relative to each other thanks to a pin inserted in a bush.

The chain is subject to wear, i.e. the progressive wear of its components due to rubbing. This rubbing occurs on the contact surfaces as a result of the rotation of the pins relative to the bushings and the rolling of the bushings along the profile of the gear. The effect of the wear on the chain is its elongation, which compromises the correct coupling with the sprocket.

The fundamental countermeasure to delay wear is the correct maintenance of the chain through periodic cleaning and lubrication. Each chain is exposed to the atmospheric environment in which there are many contaminants such as water, dust and abrasive particles (especially in off-road use).

These contaminants stick to the chain, making it dirty and increasing the rate of wear. It is therefore essential to periodically clean the chain. How often depends on how you use the bike.

The frequency of lubrication depends on the motorcycle and its use (road, dry weather/rain, flexible/nervous driving). As a general rule, a motorcycle chain should be lubricated every 500 to 1,000 km in dry weather, and after each ride in the rain or on a wet road.

The life of a chain is directly related to sufficient and effective lubrication. Lubrication and use of the correct oil ensures that the chain is protected from rusting, rotting and other external factors.

All chains sold in our world are lubricated as required by the chain before they reach you. As a result of the movements in the links of the chain, the starting oil wears out over time.

The chain will give the desired efficiency if proper lubrication is done and proper oil is used. Dry friction will occur as a result of incorrect lubrication or incomplete lubrication, and this process will accelerate the elongation and corrosion of the chain.

Correct lubrication will give the following effects depending on use.

  • Adhesiveness
  • Compliance with the initial structure
  • Protection against rusting and rotting
  • Slip effect
  • High viscosity (fluidity)
  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • Water repellency
  • Resistance to the environment

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