Enjoy Your Ride With Proper Lubrication Of Your Bike

The noise of clicking, cracking can make our day bitter and usually have the same cause, a lack of oil at a certain point. Greasing is the life of the bike, it lubricates the joints, eliminates excessive friction and wear while allowing everything to run smoothly and quietly.

Do not worry, with an easy periodic maintenance these evils will not appear or you will eliminate them if you already suffer from them. After each wash, an external greasing at the strategic points and we have the battle headed for victory, such as the chain, the pedal springs or the gearbox joints.

These points must always be covered, because if not, the oil deficit will quickly lead to noise and inaccuracies in the mechanisms.
Another thing is the lubrication of the axes of rotation of the suspension or the threads of the center axis, in which it is necessary to dedicate more time, once done its effects will last several months.

You can use lubricant in oil or wax for the chain. Remember to also apply a little to the pedals. At this point we can take the opportunity to remove the seat post, dry it well and apply mounting grease, thus avoiding annoying noises.

When lubricating the chain, you should be careful not to get any oil on the brakes, rims or brake discs. Otherwise the braking effect will decrease extremely. Lubricant on the brake disc ensures that the brake pads become unusable when driving, because the porous surface is soaked up with the oil.

The only thing that helps here is to replace the pads. So be careful when you lubricate the chain, because a small splash of oil on the brake disc (with disc brakes) or rim (with rim brakes) is enough.

Any bike owner has come across a similar process as lubricating bicycle components. For an easy and carefree ride, the bike needs to be lubricated from time to time.

You can recognize the need for this by feeling that something was wrong while riding. Remember, your bike must be clean and dry before lubricating.

Can rusty bike chains be cleaned and lubricated?

Yes, but if you are really concise, they will never be as good as a chain that hasn’t gotten rusty.

As soon as we feel a certain difficulty or the creak of the flail, we immediately begin to lubricate it. To properly lubricate the chain, it is necessary to tighten the chain as much as possible, if the bike was dirty, clean the chain and apply lubricant on top of the roller.

When the best chain lubeis applied, you need to rotate the pedals back, then forward in the right direction, if there are unwanted residues of lubricant left, you can wipe it off. The main thing is that it is well lubricated internally, and externally dry.

To make your bike last longer, try to lubricate its parts regularly. Chain lubricant manufacturers recommend that you lubricate the storage bikes once a season, and the chain and fork- of course more often or as needed.

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