How and with what to lubricate the treadmill?

Lubrication of any equipment is an important procedure necessary to increase the life of the equipment, and therefore, save money. This must be borne in mind when using treadmills.

Treadmills are of two types:

  • Mechanical (easy to use, set in motion by mechanical action, by means of its own strength running along it)
  • Electric (modern and comfortable, the movement of the tape in them begins when the electric motor is started, the speed of movement is set by the user)

According to the operating instructions, any treadmill should be regularly serviced using special lubricants. It is highly discouraged to use mineral oils for these purposes, as they can damage the tape.

Despite the fact that the lubricant is always applied at the factory, nothing is eternal, and the treadmill belt will sooner or later require a lubricant renewal. The lifespan of a lubricant is directly related to the intensity and length of time the treadmill is used.

On average, the lubrication interval is at least 300 km, or 30 hours of running of the treadmill. If the track is operated regularly, and the speed limit is not selected to the minimum, the frequency of lubrication renewal is much reduced.

How often and with what should you lubricate the treadmill?

Uneven movement, creaking and heating of the blade often indicate a lack of lubrication in it.The lubrication interval for the treadmill depends on the frequency of its use, modes (speeds) of operation, and the weight of the trainee.

Most often, treadmill lubricant spray manufacturers themselves prescribe in the instructions when it is necessary to replace the factory lubricant.

Belt speed          Frequency of treadmill lubricant spray use

<6 km/h               Once a year

6-12 km/h           Once every 6 months

> 12 km/h            Once every 3 months

If the track is used very actively, it is recommended to treat the canvas with silicone grease on a monthly basis.

You can check for treadmill silicone lubricant on the deck by lifting the edge of the belt and sliding your finger under it – if the surface is dry, you need to lubricate it.

Lubrication procedure

Lubricating the treadmill at home is easy enough:

  • Unplug the machine
  • Unscrew the adjusting screws to loosen the belt tension.
  • Raise the belt to about halfway and apply lubricant to the full width of the deck across the belt travel (parallel to the engine cover)
  • Tighten the bolts, adjust the blade tension
  • To evenly distribute the lubricant, run the treadmill for 3-5 minutes at a speed of about 3 km/h, center the belt if necessary
  • Remove excess grease with a dry, lint-free cloth

It is not necessary to apply a thick layer of treadmill silicone lubricant, otherwise the blade may start to move unevenly or stop working altogether due to the lack of adhesion to the drive shaft.

Do not lubricate the drive belt and drive shafts of the track. If this nevertheless happens by accident, the grease should be removed with degreasing compounds.

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