How Long Should You Wait Before Waxing Your Car According To Car Wax Manufacturers in Delhi?

Regularly cleaning the car is fine, but you should also polish your car and apply wax produced by reliable car wax manufacturers in Delhi , like Kangaroo Autocare, to protect it properly. Normally, two polishes should be done: a first with an aggressive pad, then a second with a soft pad. The purpose of this operation is to remove minor scratches on the paint layer.

Once the polishing is done, finish by applying a wax in order to effectively protect the paint of your vehicle. It is a product which will protect the bodywork for a few months; accordingly, you should apply it several times a year. For optimal protection, it is actually recommended that you wax your car at each change of season.

You can find polish in liquid form, packaged in a box or in an aerosol as offered by car polish suppliers.

The problem can be solved by buying a silicone compound, but it also costs money. The main advantage of the liquid state is that such material is applied much faster than others.

Car polishes in India  create a dense layer that can mask scratches for a long time, so this option is more reliable and convenient.

The new paintwork of the car, which has just rolled off the assembly line, has a glossy, shiny surface, bright colour and reliably protects the body parts to which it is applied.

Over time, this coating dulls, cracks due to such natural factors as:

  • Atmospheric influences, which include rain, ultraviolet solar radiation;
  • Mechanical stress. These include the impact on the paintwork of large dust particles, especially at high speeds, fine gravel flying out from under the wheels of cars in front, sand, soil, especially when the car is often used outside the city;
  • Poor-quality washing with the use of cheap chemicals can also worsen the appearance of your car;
  • Incorrect operating modes of the pressure washer, as well as the absence of a water filter, can damage the paintwork.

You also need to understand that the paintwork, after the initial damage received, begins to deteriorate faster, loses its attractive appearance, acquires colour inhomogeneity, and loses its shine. Moreover, these phenomena become visually noticeable literally a few months after the operation of the car, if no protective measures are taken. Restoring paintwork by re-painting in a car service is a rather expensive solution, besides, its result will last for the same short period.

Therefore, car wax is often used as an inexpensive, simple solution, which gives not only the visual effect of restoring the paintwork, but also contributes to the preservation of both the existing paintwork layer and the body as a whole.

How do you know when to wax it?

When we talk about how often we should wax the car, there are different opinions. Few say that it is necessary to wax your vehicle after every three months. While some suggest that waxing your car twice in a year is suitable.

It is a myth that the paint wears out, but what is true is that after a month and a half or two after the car was waxed, the wax will begin to lose its protective qualities. According to the progress of this process, we must wax it again.


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