How to Lubricate A Treadmill On Your Own?

To ensure the maximum life of your fitness equipment, you must pay attention to the lubrication of the treadmill. There are different types of products for this operation: lubricating oil for treadmills, silicone oil for treadmills and the most comfortable aerosols.

The lubricant is used to increase the life of the motor and the treadmill card, thereby reducing the friction between the treadmill platform and the tread fabric (usually white). The silicone oil lubricant for treadmills also helps prevent and reduce noise nuisance can come from the equipment.

In order to preserve the quality and performance of your sports device, it is essential to properly maintain your treadmill with treadmill lubricant spray. The latter is in direct contact with the bearings which ensure smooth movements.

How should we go about protecting these mechanisms and understanding the lubrication stage?

Maintaining your treadmill: the main operations to perform

Considering the quality of the material, some parts tend to wear out due to repetitive stress and regular use. Even in an indoor environment, your sports equipment is likely to deteriorate gradually without proper maintenance.

Before lubricating your treadmill, there are other things you can do about cleaning the treadmill:

  • Weekly use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and non-encrusted surface dirt;
  • Clean the running belt after a physical session using a damp cloth;
  • Check the bearings, the belt and the fixings of the device, as well as the tension of the tread.

These precautions minimize the risk of corrosive attacks, or even bacteriological proliferation.

Why is it essential to lubricate your treadmill?

Lubricating your treadmill is recommended to preserve the various mechanisms. This operation is done on average every three months. Based on daily or occasional use, this equates to approximately 200 kilometers.

Respect one of these two estimation criteria so as not to be confronted with friction or squeaking problems. These affect the tread quality of the tread. They therefore constitute a risk for the user and his safety.

How to apply the lubricant?

You just need to follow these steps:

  • If the tape contains a deposit, you just need to fill it out.
  • If you do not have a reservoir, you must lift the carpet strip on one side and apply the lubricant between the board and the carpet. It is important to lubricate the front band area.
  • After lubricant is applied, start the treadmill at low speed. Keep the strip running for 2 to 4 minutes. Thus, the lubricant spreads perfectly over the entire board.

When to lubricate?

It depends on how you use the band, the user’s weight, the number of users, the training time and the temperature the place will have a direct influence. Many of the treadmills warn you on the monitor when you need to lubricate. If your model does not have a rating, check the user manual. You will find an orientation table.

How much oil to throw away?

If you exceed the amount of treadmill oil for belt to be applied, the remaining liquid will be displaced to the sides of the strip. However, please clean the excess from the sides to avoid stains on the floor, fill the engine with oil and most dangerous, avoid falling.

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