How To Maintain And Protect The Chain Of Your Bike?

Most motorcycles are driven by a chain. A chain is strong, easy to replace, and relatively affordable. With proper care of your chain, it can last up to 30,000 kilometers.

Some older engines have an open chain. These chains have less friction than a closed chain (O-ring) but require a lot of maintenance and often need to be lubricated.

Chain grease adheres to the chain and ensures that the chain runs smoothly over the sprockets. The chain grease also ensures that the chain links remain lubricated. A dry chain wears harder and can rust easily. The chain grease is now available as a spray. Lubricating your chain is therefore a simple job.

Lubrication is best done after driving. Your chain will be warm and stretched out and the chain jet will reach all parts of the chain more easily.

Place your bike around the center stand and slowly turn the rear wheel as you inject the inside of the chain using your chain sprayer.

There are many types of chain aerosols. Quite difficult to determine which one is the most suitable for your engine. Each spray ensures that the fat hits your chain and can move smoothly.

In general, there are chain lubricants intended for normal on-road, on-track and off-road use. The all-terrain chain grease puts a layer around the chain.

When you regularly maintain your motorcycle chain, it is possible to get higher performance from the engine and extend the life of the chain. We can say that this moving part, which is called the drive chain in motorcycles and transfers the power from the engine to the rear wheel, is the most important transmission element.

Motorcycle chains should be lubricated every 200-300 kilometers. It is recommended to check the chain oiliness and dirtiness after driving, especially if you are driving in winter and on dusty ground roads.

What Happens If We Don’t Lubricate the Chain Regularly?

If you do not lubricate the motorcycle chain regularly, it will not transfer the performance of the engine to the wheel, and your chain may break in an unexpected place.

The oiled chain also breaks, but the lean chain will have difficulty sitting on the gears, will not be able to easily engage the gear, and will damage the small shafts in the middle of the blocks, eventually the chain will come to the breaking point.

Let’s Clean Before Oiling

Before proceeding with motorcycle chain lubrication, we need to clean the chain with a brush. Most bikers use kerosene to clean their chain. Since kerosene is a very thin type of oil, it removes the rust on the chain and cleans the chain.

It is definitely not recommended to use diesel and gasoline for cleaning. This is because such fuels are also a solvent, melting the plastic and reducing its strength. The O-rings inside the chain are made of rubber material and if you use this type of cleaner, the life of the O-rings is shortened.

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