How To Remove All Minor Scratches From The Car Body In Just Half An Hour By Using The Best Rubbing Compound For Car Scratches?

Car scratches appear regularly. The reason may be trivial – pebbles flew from under the wheels of a passing vehicle. Therefore, there is no need to panic over every scratch. They can be easily removed with the best rubbing compound for car scratches.

How to remove scratches from a car:

If only the varnish is damaged, then it is easiest to remove such a strip. To do this, choose a car polish in India with wax, which really does not last so long, and will require reapplication. A more effective way to polish with a machine with an abrasive paste. In addition, you will need a sanding paper and a spray bottle with water;

Wash the car and dry the body and drive into the shade. This will make the scratches more visible. We suggest you to process a scratch with a wet sandpaper and polish with a machine, applying the polish to the circle;

Carry out polishing with smooth movements over a large enough area so as not to spoil the varnish. Rinse with water and remove plaque.

If scratches appear on the paint, a restoration pencil will come in handy. You need to buy it according to the colour of the car. It looks like nail polish, so it’s easy to apply. It cleans and degreases the damage, then apply paint with a brush and let dry for 20 minutes.

Deep paint chips and scratches can also be removed at home. Here a surface primer is needed, after which paint, varnish are used and then the damage is polished. Such a set is sold ready-made, so it is worth looking. The composition will include paint, an ordinary and anti-corrosion primer and varnish. The kit may include a degreaser.

General recommendations for removing minor scratches on a car

It is best to work on removing scratches with best rubbing compound for car scratches and restoring the body in a dry room. Outside wind carries dust that can clog into damaged areas. If you do have to work outdoors, try to choose a location that is calm and ensure that the chance of rainfall is minimized.

Areas that are being restored must be prepared before starting work. They must be degreased and cleaned thoroughly. You can use a solvent to do this.Carefully read the instructions for all the tools that you will use for recovery work.

Conclusion and advice

If you are not sure that you can carry out the procedure yourself, contact the service centre. In case of severe damage, you will be prompted to completely change the paintwork or perform a long cleaning of all existing scratches.

The whole procedure of self-removal of scratches does not take much time, so half an hour will be enough. That’s enough to paint over a few small scratches and one big one. Especially small scratches can be worked with a needle or toothpick. However, this process is painstaking and requires careful execution.

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