Is It Possible To Lubricate The Treadmill On Your Own?

The adequacy of the functionality and durability of the service of any mechanism, device depends on its initial quality and compliance with the service rules.

Treadmills are designed so that user involvement is minimal in order to avoid accidental damage due to unprofessionalism. So treadmills require only surface cleaning and occasional lubrication. We will talk about how to properly lubricate the treadmill.

In order for the simulator to serve for many years without problems and does not threaten the safety of the owner, the mechanism must be looked after.

The treadmill is normally shipped to the customer with good quality lubrication at the factory. However, prolonged use of the device requires additional lubrication.

Regular maintenance and lubrication of the treadmill is a prerequisite for proper operation, declared by all the world’s fitness equipment manufacturers. A treadmill that is not oiled in time will use up its resource faster, deform and become unusable.

Lack of lubrication also leads to premature wear of the treadmill deck: the sliding anti-friction coating is erased, which leads to overheating and destruction of the working surface of the board.

As a result of the fact that there is no slip between the treadmill and the deck, the coefficient of friction increases significantly. This puts additional stress on the treadmill motor.

If friction is not eliminated, the engine will overheat. Ultimately, the armature winding will burn out and the motor will fail.

Which is the best treadmill lubricant?

A treadmill lubricant oil is used to service the treadmills. You can find sprays on sale, but despite their obvious ease of use, professionals do not recommend using them. The fact is that in order for the composition to be volatile, components are added to it that destroy the material of the canvas!

The best silicone oil for treadmill must comply with modern environmental standards, as it is used in rooms with a large crowd of people, or in everyday life, in a house where children and pets can live.

We will not name specific brands, since with the similarity of the basic materials, some components differ from different manufacturers. Therefore, it will be right to choose the treadmill oil for belt that is prescribed in the instructions for a particular model of the simulator.

If the brand is not indicated, be sure to ask the seller about this question- ignoring the recommendations and mistakes in the choice of material usually result in a denial of warranty service.

So how do you lubricate the runner?

  1. Disconnect the simulator from the mains
  2. Pulling the edge of the belt up on one side, spray underneath treadmill oil for belt along the entire length of the deck. Treadmill lubricant spray allows you to do this in just a few seconds.
  3. Repeat the process described in step 2, on the other side of the track
  4. Care must be taken to prevent grease from getting on the outer surface of the track, otherwise, the belt will become very slippery and it will be very difficult to run on it.
  5. For one or two minutes, run the track idle at a low speed. During this time, the grease will get evenly distributed over the entire surface of the belt and deck.

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