Make The Job Of Bike Detailing Easy And Quick

By and large we make the mistake of overdoing the motorcycle and car detailing by spending big bucks. The fact remains that we can do the same without spending a fortune. We are talking of car wax manufacturers in Delhi who also manufacture bike detailing products. Don’t go by the tough lingo as bike detailing is easy.

The process should be initiated by removal of leather and giving the bike a light rinse with the garden hose to remove the excess dirt. Avoid soaking your dials and clocks and give the bike a wipe with a soft, damp, cleaning mitt. Remember to clean your bike in a shaded area and wait till your bike is completely cooled before starting the job. Seal off the exhaust pipe and the battery with plastic wrap and a rubber band to prevent water damage to these components. If you have a pressure sprayer, use it on a low setting so that you do not damage the paint or force water into the bearings. For bike cleaning, the availability of correct tools makes your motorcycle up and running post cleaning job.

If your bike has old wax or melted rubber stuck to the exhaust or crevices in the body of the bike, use a steam cleaner to soften it up before rinsing it clean and wiping it off. While you wait for the wax to soften, you can get on with the other secondary jobs.

One of the key things to be followed religiously is that the use of water has to be in least possible quantity. Also, the use of right cleaning product for the job is essential. There is a product for every use. You must also be extra cautious against using abrasive cleaners or general-purpose household cleaning products as they are chemically harsh to damage paint or chrome. A simple way to determine the same should be by checking the detergent’s pH balance which should be between six and eight, so it’s neither too acidic nor too alkaline as either could damage your paint. Check it’s safe to use on all paint types. The use of vinyl cleaners must not be in place as it may look shiny but it will be slippery. Though the bike cleaning agents by Kangaroo Auto Care are made of noble agents, you can still use rubber gloves.

Kangaroo Auto care products are high on utility and less on pricing. Hence, you get the best value for money with a long-term cleaning and polishing solution at your disposal. Check out our complete range of products at our website.

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