Most Effective Ways Of Car Cleaning

For months there have been so many hue and cries about the COVID19. People are perplexed and in a sense of anxiety this whole time. As there is no concrete solution out yet, we have nothing to do but to resume life thinking it is the new normal. And the same goes well with all the car owners out there who have seen their car gathering dust for months. Make no mistake. You have to clean your car to the core and make it pristine; this time not to get that sheen or compliments. Rather it is to secure your car against becoming carriers of the dreaded virus. So we discuss the foolproof ways with which you can clean and disinfect your car.

  1. Remove the dust mould- It comes as no surprise that the major hosts for germs and bacteria is dust. On microscopic view, you would find various types of germs festering on dust particles. Since a car has a tightly sealed environment, the chances of bacteria growing inside are much more than open spaces. You can remove most of the dust from the interior of your car with the help of a brush or a blob of slime to reach tricky places.
  2. Replace the cabin filter- The cabin air filter is responsible for cleaning the air inside a car. You should consider changing the air filter if you notice that the air is not cool enough, or if unpleasant, pungent air is being circulated in the car. If you keep using the same dust-accumulated air filter there is a chance that you and your family are breathing the bacteria in the car’s air conditioning system. Now that it has been almost six months since the lockdown was imposed nationwide, the time is right to cabin filter. The cars that have been taking a lot og off-road drives to have change of filter more frequently.
  3. Car disinfectants- Things like car seats, cushions, etc. become a fertile ground for germs and bacteria. You can clean the seats and other fabrics, first by using a vacuum cleaner to remove loose dust and then with soapy water or an alcohol-based solution. Upholstery is the areas that require gentle cleaning. Therefore, you need not go for aggressive cleaning at all. On the contrary, you may end up damaging these surfaces. Do not scrub hard while cleaning the seats if they are covered with leather, else there will be discolouration.

With all this in mind Kangaroo Autocare, one of country’s most respected name for bike and car cleaning kits has introduced car sanitizer spray India. The sprays have been developed after taking care of the concerns and also the current safety protocols. What you get in this disinfectant spray online is the all-round protection each time you use it. At the same time, you must also keep in mind that these disinfectant sprays are alcohol based and should be used with caution. You must use it near any inflammable articles.

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