No Mistake Alert: How To Choose The Right Car Polish in India?

To make your car shine like new, you need to pick the right car polish in India , and for this you need to decide on the size and depth of existing scratches on the body.

Before starting any work, it is worth deciding on their scale. Inspect your vehicle and assess how deep the scratches and other damage were made.

Scratches can appear not only on the surface of the body, but also on the glass. Then it is worth studying the technique of working with glass polishing, it is used in this case, we can say almost a universal tool. It is recommended to inspect the vehicle for defects with good lighting. It is good if you carry out the inspection in daylight and with an additional lamp or flashlight.

A magnifying glass may be required to determine the depth of scratches. Inspection will help you decide what materials are required, whether you can do with a regular, polishing pencil or need a paste, or maybe even a serious surface painting.

If the damage is already more serious – irregularities in the painting, stains and scratches, then you should choose a polish with an abrasive.

It is necessary to add a paste with synthetic ingredients to such a substance, because in its pure form, polish with an abrasive can have a negative effect on the coating, and so all scratches will be reliably masked.

Abrasives will smooth out any rough edges, and the rest of the components will fill in the scratches. For complete stability of the polishing, a varnish of a certain shade is carried out, the usual polishing with wax hides the defects until the subsequent washing of the surface.

In addition, the material is presented in different forms and the choice also depends on this factor. However, you will have to spend time on surface treatment. It takes both time and physical strength. The paste is applied without much effort, has the optimal cost and produces the desired effect, therefore this is the best option from the proposed ones.

As a rule, polishing materials have approximately the same composition – silicone, wax and other pigments. But all of them can be divided into groups, because one element always predominates in the composition.

  1. Compositions with a wax element are very popular, because they are not expensive and do not require the use of special technologies. Such products provided by car wax manufacturers in Delhi give an amazing effect, but they do not last forever, after the third car wash, they must be applied again;
  2. Abrasive polishes are suitable for repairing serious scratches. Do not use for minor damage, because in this case, the harm from such a composition is more than good.

With its help, you can easily remove the applied varnish, so the next stage of work will be to protect the surface from corrosion.

When deciding on a polishing coating, it is worth assessing the finish of the body, how seriously the coating is damaged. Some of the polish contains Teflon, which protects against mechanical stress, as well as from the ingress of ultraviolet rays.

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