Proper Lubrication Of Your Treadmill: Expert Advice

Choosing a good machine is just as important as maintaining and greasing the mechanisms that make up the machine.

The lubrication of your treadmill is something essential and that you should take very seriously, not only for your safety since we do not want it to leave you lying in the middle of training, but to extend the useful life of the machine and take it out the largest possible match.

Lubrication is the most important thing for the care and use of a treadmill, according to data from the sector, more than 90% of the technical problems suffered by these machines come from incorrect or non-existent lubrication.

It must be taken into account that by lubricating the belt we reduce friction, the motor does not heat up, and we help extend the useful life of the machine belt.

With the increase in sales of fitness machines for home, doubts about how to lubricate them and how to carry out proper maintenance increase.

To lubricate the treadmill, we need a specific oil, not just any oil. This oil must be liquid silicone, the most used and required in most machines.

If your belt has a tank, you will only have to fill it, on the other hand, if your machine does not have a tank, you will have to do it manually by lifting the belt of the treadmill from one side, and apply the lubricant between the board and the mat, and repeat it on the opposite side.

When we have applied the lubricant on both sides, we will start the tape for a couple of minutes and at low speed so that the liquid spreads. As easy as that.

What is the amount to be added?

The amount will depend on how you use it and how often you use it. For the first use, it is worth 50-60 ml. If you go overboard with the lubricant, don’t worry, the same tape will take care of expelling the excess oil. Important, do not throw it on the surface of the tape, as you will fall and slip immediately.

How often to lubricate your treadmill?

It must be lubricated for the first use and the rest of the lubrications will depend on how often you use it. For example, if you use it 3-5 times a week, it lubricates every 6-8 weeks. Minor use will require lubrication only once every three months.

You cannot use your treadmill correctly if you do not lubricate it and take care of its maintenance. But let’s not forget that training is effective, as long as its continuity and intensity is correct.

Lubricating your treadmill is something you cannot forget or miss. Treadmills are the perfect allies to train in a versatile way and lose weight if that is your goal, but just as its use generates benefits, we must also take care of it and help in its maintenance.

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