Removing Rust: What To Do And Tools To Use

The sun has the power to discolour and the rain to corrode everything: iron, steel or aluminium, there is no difference. The rain and the wind are able to generate the oxidation of the metal which, in turn, reacts by making that famous reddish-brown substance appear.

Being a symptom of deterioration and corrosion, removing the rust with bike rust remover spray is essential because the rust could, for example, harm the vehicle, such as bike or car, and destroy its parts completely, encrust the hinges of a door or the sliding wheel of a gate too much that has not been used for a long time.

Rust is a common problem and not just with the car. Any poorly protected or even completely unprotected ferrous metal is susceptible to rust.

The rust film penetrates more and more into the material (including through the vehicle paint), which ultimately results in the complete destruction of the component/vehicle.

The right process of removing rust is written below, so keep on reading the article and make your metal products look as good as new.


The first thing to do is to remove the most evident rusty layer with an electric grinder or sander or by hand with sandpaper for iron. If you choose the second option it will clearly take more time and effort but it is ideal if you want to patiently reach corners.

Once finished, the advice is to give it a further pass with a common iron brush for the final touches. This is an important step because if you do not carefully remove the rust, even the smallest stains, you cannot proceed with the treatment.


Once all the rust has been scrapped off, make sure there are no small cracks or holes. Otherwise it will be necessary to fill with metallic putty. This putty is sold with an activator called “hardener”.

The putty for iron should be applied with a spatula or a special knife. This type of putty is a bit difficult to apply. It takes a certain level of dexterity. If you are inexperienced, use simple ready-to-use putty.

Once the grouting is finished, sand the grout and wipe the iron with a rag soaked in solvent to remove the dust. Let it dry completely.


When the iron is completely dry, the rust remover creates a stainless surface layer and protects for a long time. There are different types of treatment, here are the main ones:

Antirust spray: it is very practical and allows you to cover very difficult to reach places. It is not recommended to use it for flat and large surfaces.

Synthetic antirust: solvent-based paint that is spread with a brush. Once spread, let it dry for 1/4 hours.

Nitro antirust: it is a product based on a chemical compound called nitrocellulose. The advantage of this type of rust remover is that it dries very quickly.

However, the best product for the removal and prevention of rust is the rust remover spray provided by Kangaroo Autocare. And this is why we suggest you to visit their website and make your tools and vehicles protected from rust.

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