Rules For Removing Scratches On A Car Body That Everyone Should Know

Operation always leaves marks on the car body. Even a standing car gets damaged, and leaving any road is always a risk of getting new scars on the body. This is not a rule, but an axiom.

You can achieve amazing accuracy from yourself, but to surround your car with people as pedantic and polite to property is simply impossible.


Before you grab onto a polishing machine or sign up for “body work”, you need to evaluate the subject of your indignation – a long and, at first glance, a deep scratch.

This can be done in two simple ways: if the nail does not cling to the damage – as per the directions of car scratch remover manufacturer in India you can polish to the ideal state.

The second option is to pour water over it. If damage is not noticeable on a wet part, then you can safely take on the “polishing”. The scratch will go away.

Everything that goes beyond the framework of the two methods described above says only one thing: without the use of additional efforts, knowledge and materials, it will not be possible to remove the defect.


This is a popular expression that describes the depth of damage, but is almost never true. To break through the protective layer to the base, the branch must be very strong.

Most often, only the varnish or the top coat of paint is damaged, so before starting work it is important to accurately determine the depth of the “scar”.

It is also important to know the thickness of the layer of putty, soil and paint on the damaged part. Even new cars recently purchased from official dealers have, alas, repaired body parts, so you need to not just figure out, but just find out all the details of the “scene”.


They said a million times, but apparently, it is never too late to repeat: it is impossible to polish a chip. Chips can only be painted over, and sometimes it is possible to do this without completely repainting the part: experts treat it with a rust cleaner, remove sharp and torn edges with sandpaper, cover it with soil, and then paint it with a paint matched to the code and cover it with varnish.


Firstly, the damage must be properly degreased with a solvent or its equivalent. Wipe dry and seal with tape – we will first paint, and then only polish. Secondly, “matte” with sandpaper, removing sharp edges.

If metal is visible, then it is necessary to cover with soil. The point is not even rust, but the fact that this is the only way the paint will stay on the part.

You don’t have to redo it. By the way, do not cover with primer from the spray can, it is best to do the whole operation with a cotton swab. And only after all the above procedures will need polishing.


According to car scratch remover manufacturer in Delhi, to protect yourself from long and painful evenings with a polishing machine in your hands and from long scores, you can and should initially think about the most scratched places. And protect them before the car enters any such area where it can be damaged. Various films, coatings and “ceramics” have become available even to owners of budget cars.

A clean, tidy and well-groomed car is the pride of the owner and a surest support for any family.

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