Rust Removal Spray: The Best Weapon Against Rust

It is known from the course of school chemistry that rust is a product of iron oxidation, which has a characteristic reddish-brown or black colour.

Rust appears not only on iron, but also on steel, alloys in which it is included. Rust is an electrochemical process called metal corrosion.

The corrosion process is promoted by oxygen contained in the atmosphere, dissolved in water, as well as electrolytes, hardness salts, oxidizing agents.

Why does rust need to be removed? The fact is that the rate of the corrosion process is gradually increasing. As a result of rusting, the metal loses its strength, and its structural elements become thinner.

There are times when metal structures can literally crumble into red dust. This is due to the fact that rust does not adhere firmly to the surface, washed off and carried away with water.

To protect metal products, paint and varnish coatings and conservation lubricants are applied to their surface. They also produce galvanized, chrome-plated and other types of protection against oxygen, moisture contained in the air.

When cleaning, we most often encounter alluvial rust on non-metallic surfaces in bathrooms, in the kitchen, in food production. The source of pollution is water with a high iron content, which carries rusty deposits from pipes, boilers, radiators, and other equipment containing metal elements.

Plaque reacts with various impurities contained in the water – hardness salts, atmospheric soil and food contaminants. All this gradually accumulates on the surface, red smudges often remain on tiles, faience, plastic, and acrylic.

As a result, we have stubborn dirt in the most inappropriate places. This gives the interior an untidy look, retains unpleasant odours, and promotes the growth of microbes. It means that it is simply necessary to remove rust.

About a quarter of all metal mined in the world is spent on replacing parts damaged by corrosion. Today, modifiers or neutralizers are widespread- rust converters, which make it possible to remove foci of corrosion by a chemical method.

Converters react with rust to form a chemically inert layer on the surface. Corrosion disappears in just a few minutes. The formed protective layer prevents the metal from re-rusting for some time. These compounds, depending on the chemical composition, are acidic or neutral.

The benefits of their use are obvious: if the technology is followed, they are guaranteed to remove rust and prepare the surface for paint or other coating. Acid-free rust removers are becoming more and more popular. They are low toxic and easy to use.

The neutralizer converts metal oxides into corrosive inactive compounds with excellent adhesion to metal. The rust colour changes from brown to black. You can work with a roller, brush or spray. Or dip the part into the solution.

Metal can be painted or concreted immediately after the impregnation has dried. It dries for 1-3 hours, depending on humidity and air temperature.

Changing the colour of rust to black allows you to visually determine the quality of the surface finish. If rust remains, rust cleaner spray can be applied a second and third time on a wet surface. Along with this, rust remover spray protects the metal from corroding in future as well.

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