Save Money With Timely Maintenance Of Your Treadmill With Lubricants

To ensure long-term performance of the deck and treadmill, the treadmill must be lubricated periodically.

How do you know when to lubricate the treadmill?

Raise one side of the walking belt.

If the surface is dry to the touch, it must be lubricated.

How do I apply the lubricant?

  1. Before any manipulation, be sure to turn off the treadmill and unplug it from the outlet. Failure to follow safety precautions can result in electrical injury or finger injury.
  2. If the design allows, loosen the tension on the walking belt. Some models do not have such a function, but do not worry: the ability to lubricate it is provided by the developers in any case, since this is one of the main points of care of the simulator.
  3. Gently lift the sheet off the edge and slide the spout of the bottle underneath. Do not be afraid to stretch or tear the coating – it is very durable and designed for many years of intense use. Pour in 5-10 ml (depending on the length of the blade) of the lubricant. Then repeat the operation from the other end.
  4. Now you need to carefully re-tension the walking belt (if you have loosened it) and make sure it is centred.

If it moves off, then Centre it with an adjusting key: there are special holes on the back to the right and left of the canvas, an adjusting key is inserted into them and turns in the desired direction. This is easy to do, since the process itself is intuitive: move to the left- pull to the right, and vice versa.

  1. You can’t use the track right away, as that’s not all. You need to immediately turn on the track and drive it at a low speed (3-5 km/h) for at least five minutes so that the lubricant is evenly distributed. Then it is advisable to turn it off and not use it for at least several hours until it is completely absorbed.

CAUTION: Do not use too much grease. Wipe off excess grease if it starts to build up between the blade and the side pads. Too much grease can cause the belt to slip on the treadmill shafts.

The first time, lubrication must be carried out within 2-3 months from the date of purchase, the next time- every 300 km or 30 hours of running of the treadmill, surface.

Keeping both the treadmill and the area where it is used is important to avoid trouble and make maintenance of the treadmill easier. Malfunctions of treadmills are extremely rare when used correctly.

In general, if treadmill malfunctions are not a manufacturing defect, they can be caused by rough handling of the treadmill.

The timing of when the need arises to apply lubricant depends on the intensity of use of the treadmill.

In the absence of lubrication, friction between the belt and the deck increases, which leads to premature wear of the belt and deck, but the worst thing is that the load on the engine and the electronics that controls it increases, which can lead to their failure. Just use our treadmill lubricant, it can save you a lot of time and money.

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