Silicone Treadmill Lubricant: How Does It Help The Treadmill Work Better?

If you have purchased for your fitness club or home gym such a popular cardio machine as a treadmill, you should not only study the instructions for proper use of the equipment, but also pay attention to the manufacturer’s service requirements.

Maintenance of treadmills

In large gyms and fitness centres, maintenance is handled by staff, but it is important to make sure that employees are aware of the rules for caring for professional equipment. Otherwise, it makes sense to outsource this part of the work.

At home, many, unfortunately, forget to give timely service and lubricate the equipment, which often leads to breakdowns and even causes injuries during training.

Proper care of the treadmill is not just about choosing the right place, connecting to the network and setting up the software. It is very important to lubricate the treadmill on time.

Even if the sellers of exercise equipment did not mention the need for regular lubrication, you will need to buy special tools and from time to time carry out the necessary procedure to improve the slippage of the treadmill.

Silicone grease for treadmills and treadmill lubricant oil can be used for both home gyms and commercial sports centres. It should be understood that the equipment in these two cases is exposed to different load intensities.

At home, we use the track in a gentle mode- it is engaged in one or two people. In large gyms, such simulators work almost continuously with short breaks. Experts advise to take into account the power of the motor and not to exceed the recommended time of continuous use of the track.

As a rule, it is about 45-60 minutes, after which you need to pause for 10-20 minutes to allow the canvas, deck and engine to cool down a bit. Care of the treadmill, which consists in the procedure of lubrication, should be carried out after about 250-300 km or after 55-60 hours of use.

In some cases, the oil may be needed earlier, if the condition of the deck is almost dry and after running the canvas is very hot. It is enough to lift the treadmill and run your hand over the deck – you will immediately feel the need to update the oil.

Today, the choice of products available to lubricate the treadmill is quite large. There are different types of consumables for such maintenance, but world-renowned manufacturers recommend using only pure treadmill silicone lubricant without any additional additives.

Silicone grease for treadmills

High-quality silicone grease for treadmills is sold both in aerosol cans and in liquid form. In the first case it is necessary to spray the contents of the cylinder, periodically shaking it, in the second – to use additional tools (syringe).

Professional for service use only, which provides better protection of the deck and treadmill and, as a consequence, extends the life of the electric drive motor.

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