Some Do’s & Don’t of Using Chain Lubricant Oil in Your New Bike

If you are a new proud owner of a new bike, you might have already heard the advice of maintaining your bike’s chain health with chain lubricant oil. Just like a human body, the chain of a bike works as a vein. The bike chain can suffer tension problems, transmission losses, and even jerks while accelerating if not lubricated enough with good banded chain lubricant oil.

Some Do’s

  • Every bike is designed differently, and this also determines how to position the bike in its neutral position, which is extremely important when applying the oil.
  • It is best to hold the bike on a center stand, as this will make it easy to maneuver when using chain lubricants and chain cleaners.
  • Keep your tools handy, generally, you will need a large wrench to loosen the shaft and gears and a smaller wrench to tighten the chain
  • To ensure optimal performance, keep your bike lubricated after every 500 kilometers as a rule of thumb.
  • It is important to apply the lubricant evenly to the chain after cleaning it thoroughly, ensuring that it has entered into the chain’s interior.
  • You can protect yourself from such injuries by rotating the wheel with your hand in neutral gear.

Some Don’t 

  • When cleaning the motorcycle with chain lubricant, do not gear the bike or use the engine power to move the chain. This could cause injuries.
  • Before you call it a day, remember to check the level of tension one last time, as should be checked and tweaked after using lubricant to suit what you used to feel.
  • The most important thing is to avoid excessive chain tension as this can lead to breakage, increased gear wear, and reduced rear suspension performance.
  • It is not recommended to leave the chain too tight, as in this case the motorcycle will work loudly and unevenly, and will also get out of small gears.
  • An inch of space is allowed, which you need to take into account when adjusting the tension. Wheel alignment is very important. To do this, use the crankshafts and gears on either side of the swing.

One Last Take Away 

chain lubricant oil of the bike chain is very imperative to properly maintain your bike, as It’s is the only way; engine power is transmitted to the rear wheel in an efficient and smooth manner.

We at Kangaroo hope that was available to attain at least some level of knowledge from this blog post, before we go here are some of the additional tips to keep in mind while dealing with chain lubricant oil, on top of utilizing the above ones.

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