Steps To Keep That Chain in Peak Performance with Chain Lubricant

Chain lube is essential for a long-lasting, efficient, and fast-shifting drivetrain. Companies all over the world invest millions of dollars in research to find the best chain lube compositions that boost efficiency, draw less dirt, and last a long time. While some individuals are adamant that ‘x’ chain lube is the best, you can afford to be a little more lenient. All chain lubes are effective, but the designed lubes perform better. Let’s take a look at the different types of lube and the best chain lubricant for mountain bikes.

  1. The planning ahead of time

If you’re going to work on your bike, lay down some cardboard, newspaper, or even an old towel to protect your floor. If you’re planning to start working on your bike more, a bike repair stand is a smart investment. Clean the chain or crankset using a brush to remove any debris. Next, take a rag and squirt some degreaser on it. Slowly grip the rag and clean away the debris while you peddle the bike backward.

  1. For a Comprehensive Cleaning

Most of the time, a quick cleaning would suffice, but your bike may require a more thorough cleaning. While you could remove the entire chain and soak it in degreaser, picking up the best chain lubricant for mountain bikes, such as Kangaroo’s premium range product, is a more efficient alternative.

  1. Use some of that lubricant

While various spray lubes are available, we recommend purchasing one with a tip. You don’t want the oil to get on your brakes or on your tyre. Keep the bottle’s tip close to the chain. Squeeze the bottle as you begin to pedal with your left hand to create a light, constant stream down the length of the chain. We usually count for 10 seconds after applying it to allow it to sink into the chain’s rollers and pins. Any surplus on the outside should be wiped away.

  1. Allow it to sit for at least one evening.

You can go for a ride, but we prefer to let it sit for a while. It simply appears to aid the chain in getting a little extra oil into it.


The most important thing to remember about lubrication is to make sure you have plenty of Kangaroos Autocare’s best chain lubricant for mountain bikes. Today, choose from a wide choice of products.

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