The Right Lubricant For Your Bike Chain

Unfortunately, many do not know why lubricate a bicycle chain at all. Such a part is an important element in the transmission of a bicycle and, accordingly, requires proper care.

The fact is that the chain closely interacts with other metal parts (sprockets) and in order to avoid rapid wear, special lubricants are used, which are aimed at reducing this very wear. Another important function of the lubrication is to prevent chain corrosion or, more simply, to protect against rust.

Buying bike chain lube and lubricating a motorcycle chain is one of the most trivial daily tasks of every motorcyclist. This should be done all the time, whether you want to ride or not- your motorcycle chain needs to be cared for.

Now let’s figure out why a motorcycle chain needs lubrication:

  • Protects against corrosion
  • Reduces the coefficient of friction of metal parts of the chain, thereby increasing its service life
  • Helps to reduce wear of the sprockets.

Therefore, if you do not want to change the chain and stars very often, then it is better to adhere to the recommended periods for their care. And this does not mean at all that if the operating instructions indicate a mileage of 500 km, then after 500 km it is necessary to clean and lubricate it.

First of all, you should pay attention to pollution – dirt and sand can “eat” your bicycle before your eyes.

It’s imperative. The bicycle chain must always be lubricated. It is only under this condition that it can effectively perform its role in the transmission of the bicycle. Lubricating the chain gives it a longer life and guarantees optimal pedaling. So which bicycle chain lubricant to choose?

Is there a better lubricant?

If you are wondering, what is the best bike chain lube in the world? Please note that we haven’t found it yet. So how do you choose the lubricant that best matches your bike chain?

In reality, there aren’t really any rules. Indeed, several parameters must be taken into account. The weather first of all. The conditions of the road you ride next, the way you pedal, the equipment used, and your maintenance habits.

Some cyclists have tried to find the perfect lubricant, however. They sought to determine which one is most suitable for chains. That is to say the one that would allow the chain to operate as efficiently as possible.

How to properly lubricate your chain?

Your chain may have a tendency to darken. It is advisable to remove the dirt that has accumulated. Dry or with a cleaning product, it is important to go through this step before starting the lubrication.

Be careful, however, not to coat your bike chain with too much lubricant. Otherwise, it might get dirty faster. So for less risk and more efficiency, it is recommended to lightly lubricate the transmission at each ride in wet weather or between two to three times in dry weather.

It is better to buy and use best chain lube for motorcycle chains, such a lubricant sometimes does not fly off and does not wash off even in the rain and after many kilometers.

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