The Ultimate Guide for Lubricating Your Bike Chain!

Your bike chain is the most vital part of a bike, but it doesn’t guarantee a long working life unless it is lubricated regularly!

All of these attacks are very aggressive for a bike chain and accelerate its wear. Regular lubrication of your bike chain will prevent you from breaking it, or from completely changing the transmission group if it is too worn out because you have not changed it for too long.

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We will tell you how to take care of your bike chain and thus avoid repair costs which can quickly be high!

When should I lubricate/grease my Bike chain?

There is not really an indicator to know when to lubricate your chain, it will depend on what type of terrain you are riding. If you ride a road bike, you will have less need to lubricate your chain than a person living in a mountain area where the level of mud and dust is higher.

Simply put, there is so much to the wear and tear of your chain, we recommend that you lubricate your bike chain every time you feel that your chain is not running smoothly.

Which lube should I take to lubricate my bike chain?

Many chain lubricants are now available on the market, like chain lube Motul, chain lubricant TVS, from dry condition lubricant which uses a system with a very low viscosity so as not to capture dust, to wet condition lubricant which uses a high level of viscosity to hold the chain.

The best thing to do is to choose a lubricant spray that will best suit the types of bike rides you will be doing.

How do I lubricate/grease my bike chain correctly?

Step 1 – Cleaning

With each kilometer, the presence of dirt and dust in your bike chain makes your bike less efficient and noisier. The only rule is to clean and unstained your bike chain and remove residues before lubricating it.

Note: Avoid using very powerful degreasers or disc brake cleaners, as these will clean the grease from the bearings and the joint plates.

Step 2 – Lubricate your bike chain

Once you have removed all of the residues from your chain, it is time to lubricate your bike chain. On each junction of your bike chain, spray your lubricant on its inner part for effective lube absorption and optimal lubrication. Although tedious, this method will allow you to lubricate your bike chain 100%!

Note: take care to grease/lubricate your bike chain inside the connecting links and not on the outside part to prevent the chain from catching dust and dirt.

Step 3 – Remove excess oil

Too much oil on your bike chain is a magnet for dust and dirt, it increases the wear of your chain due to increased friction between the transmission elements and premature wear of the group.

After running your bike chain for several minutes for optimum lubrication, take a dry cloth and remove the excess oil.

Keeping your bike chain clean and well-greased/lubricated will allow your bike to perform optimally. These five minutes of maintenance on your bike must be part of your routine before each bike ride to limit the breakage of your bike chain.


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