Treadmill Lubrication: A Way To Increase The Life Of Your Treadmill

As you use the treadmill, the lubricant between the belt and deck dries up and the coefficient of friction increases. As a result, the load on the engine and the belt increases, which can cause damage. If the treadmill has not been lubricated, you may be denied warranty service. Regular lubrication makes the walking belt easier to slide and clean, and reduces wear on parts.

How often and with what should you lubricate the treadmill?

The frequency of lubrication directly depends on the intensity of use of the simulator and is specified in the instructions for the treadmill.

For example, manufacturers recommend applying lubricant each time after 30 hours of use or after 300 km of run of the belt.

The instructions for different treadmills may give different recommendations, but you can always tell yourself when the treadmill needs lubrication.

To do this, you need to lift the canvas and run your finger under it: if the presence of silicone grease is felt, the track can be left unlubricated, if the canvas is dry, the track needs lubrication.

There are treadmills equipped with a special indicator that reminds you of the need for lubrication. Use only the best silicone oil for treadmill supplied or other lubricants with the same base.

How to lubricate the treadmill? How to properly maintain the simulator

The treadmill is perhaps one of the most common exercise equipment, so many people wonder about their maintenance, in particular lubrication. How to lubricate the treadmill? How often should you do this? How do I properly maintain my treadmill?

In this article, you will find answers to all these important questions. First, let’s figure out why you need to lubricate your treadmill at all.

During training on the treadmill, the belt constantly rubs against the support board (deck), as a result of which the deck and the canvas wear out and eventually require replacement. Alas, this process is inevitable.

But don’t be in a hurry to get upset, regular cleaning and lubrication of your treadmill will extend its useful life for many years.

If the treadmill is being used as a clothes hanger, it may not need to be lubricated at all. If you regularly use the treadmill, lubricate the treadmill at least once a month.

Many sources recommend lubricating the canvas and deck based on the number of hours worked, but in practice, once or twice a month is enough. It matters how well you lubricate the track.

How to lubricate the treadmill?

Silicone grease is used to lubricate the treadmill. There is silicone grease on the market in spray cans and thick in regular containers.

However, it is worth noting that the spray is somehow a little ineffective for lubricating the canvas and deck, since the silicone in the cylinder has a low viscosity, and evaporates quickly.

This is why treadmill manufacturers sell thick silicone in a vial complete with a treadmill. The volume of these bubbles is small, so they are not enough for a long time. But it doesn’t matter.

The experts of Kangaroo Autocare has developed, based on practical experience, a treadmill silicone lubricant that is suitable for both home exercise equipment and commercial treadmills. A nice bonus is a set of tools for quick and convenient deck lubrication and a low price.

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