Treadmill Lubrication For Proper Care And Use

There are more and more adherents of active recreation every year. Sports for a modern urban person is almost the only way to lead a healthy lifestyle and keep fit.

Sports equipment makes this task much easier. To practice on such devices does not require a lot of space; you can do it in any weather without going outside.

Statistics show that one of the most popular types of exercise equipment is treadmills. Classes on such sports equipment are not only beneficial, but also enjoyable.

However, this is only true for those simulators that are regularly and correctly maintained. Most often, you will need to lubricate the running belt.

On modern simulators, it is made from various polymer and elastomeric materials or their compositions and is one of the most expensive parts of a treadmill.

On the simulator, which has not been subjected to any maintenance for a long time, a loud noise appears when turned on, the belt starts to move in jerks. This gives the athlete a lot of unpleasant sensations and is fraught with injury.

In most gyms and centers, serious attention is paid to the maintenance of simulators. However, not all treadmill owners know how to lubricate the belt themselves.

It’s actually very easy to do – even a child can do maintenance. To do this, it is enough to have a treadmill silicone lubricant or a lubricant spray.

The more we use the tape and the more people use the machine, the more often we will have to replace the lubricant. With heat, the lubricant also tends to dry out, so we must take this into account.

According to the expert, if we use the tape two to three times a week, it will have to be lubricated every 10 or 12 days approximately.

Walk and run

Thinking that running on the treadmill will wear more lubricant is not the case. It is precisely when we walk on the belt when it needs more lubrication. When you walk on the treadmill, it constantly drags the weight of your body.

On the other hand, when we run we vote on its surface, so there are periods of time when it does not support the weight. When walking, the motor and the belt suffer more, and when running, the structure.


We do not have to worry if we lubricate in excess, since the same machine will expel the excess. To check that the machine is well lubricated, we will insert our hand between the tape and the wood and the fingers should shine because the lubricant exists.

The specialist explains that there are two types of treadmill oil for belt: Teflon and liquid silicone. The latter is the most common and the one used by most machines. They recommend that use of treadmill lubricant spray is more helpful as they are more comfortable to apply.

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