Treadmill Maintenance And The Use Of Silicone Lubricants

Treadmills are an increasingly common item in our homes. Everyone is concerned about staying in shape. That is why today we are going to teach you how to lubricate a treadmill and perform key maintenance tasks.

The very design of these machines makes them subject to constant movement and friction, so keeping them lubricated, clean and properly adjusted becomes mandatory.

If your treadmill is not well lubricated, it will reduce its useful life, it will be more uncomfortable to run on it and it can even cause an accident, especially if you use it at high speeds.

It is imperative to pay attention to the issue of lubrication even on a new belt, if it is not lubricated, the bottom layer may melt due to the high temperatures during operation of the treadmill.

In addition to lubricating the treadmill, we will see how to adjust it and what parts it is advisable to clean so that it is as new.


  • Treadmill silicone lubricant
  • Cloth or piece of cloth
  • Wrench
  • Duster



Before lubricating the treadmill, it will be necessary to clean the entire treadmill. Those parts that are in contact with sweat should be cleaned with a damp cloth, such as the grips of the machine, the heartbeat sensor area if it has one and the space enabled to leave the mobile phone or the drink. A duster or vacuum cleaner is recommended to remove debris that can creep under the tread.



If the tread of the treadmill is jerking or making noises, in addition to poor lubrication, it may be caused by displacement of the treadmill.

Adjusting the tread belt before lubricating the treadmill is very important as its displacement could result in accidents. To do this, we recommend consulting the instructions and maintenance manual provided by the manufacturer.



Once the machine is clean and the tread is adjusted it is time to use a silicone lubricants of Kangaroo Auto care. Before starting, it will be mandatory to unplug the machine.

For a correct application of the lubricant, you must loosen the tread of your treadmill following the instruction manual. Once it is possible to lift the tread slightly, it will be necessary to spray the lubricant once on each side.

After finishing, plug the machine back in and put it on low speed to allow all the lubricant to fully spread. Consult the user manual to know how often it is recommended to lubricate the belt.


On occasions when looking to extend the useful life of other equipment that require specialized lubrication, treadmill lubricant oil becomes a great ally.

We recommend to lubricate the blades only with silicone specially designed for treadmill. To get one of the best silicone treadmill oil or treadmill lubricant spray, visit the website of Kangaroo Auto care and help your treadmill work smoothly and efficiently.

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