Types Of Vehicle Polishes You Should Know About

Today, car polish manufacturers in India produce many polishes, in the variety of which it is easy to get lost if you do not know what you are looking for. They are divided by release form and composition. There are two types of polishes in the form of release.

Liquid. Can be sold as an aerosol or diluted mixture. In the first case, they are easy to apply, but the spray can ends very quickly. The mixture will turn out to be used only on flat horizontal surfaces, otherwise it just drains. But it still has an advantage. The mixture is a gentle substance and the probability of rubbing it off is almost zero.

Pasty. They don’t flow anywhere, they are quite economical in terms of consumption, and also help to make the color of the car more saturated. However, they cost more than liquid ones.

There are three types of polishes in composition:

  • Wax
  • Synthetic
  • Abrasive.

Waxes are affordable, easy to use and perfectly hide all minor scratches. These qualities make them the most sought after by car owners. But the effect of them is short-lived. After the first mechanical wash, the coating will disappear and you will have to polish the car again. Therefore, they are recommended to be used only in warm, dry weather.

Synthetic polishes are divided into three groups that differ in their effectiveness:

Silicone– similar in effect to wax, but it takes a few sinks to hold on a little longer to wash them off;

Cleaners– help to eliminate small scratches and stubborn stains, but remove the protective layer of the body, so after using them you need to wash the car and polish with cleaning agent for the machines, but they last at least six months;

Polymer– the most effective and most expensive of all, provide protection from road dust, salt, sand and ultraviolet rays, after using them, dirt clings less to the car, plus the color of the car becomes more saturated, as if you just took it from the passenger compartment.

Abrasive are used to repair deep scratches and require certain skills to be used as they contain abrasive particles. If used improperly, they can severely damage the paintwork. As a result, you will have to repaint the entire part instead of repairing one scratch. Basically, only professionals work with it at service stations.

If you do not have the proper skills and experience to remove scratches, then it is advised to contact experts in the field. You can deal with minor scratches on the body by using the best polish for car dashboard. But to eliminate deeper damage, especially reaching the metal, it is better to turn to highly qualified masters.

They will be able to do this without any consequences for the machine, using special equipment and professional tools, restoring the geometry of the body if necessary. At the same time, sealing scratches does not necessarily imply a complete repainting of body elements.

Damage can be removed using the local repair method, which allows you to preserve the original paintwork as much as possible, significantly reducing the cost of restoration work. Repainting is completely necessary only if damage takes up 30% of the entire surface of the part.

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