What Is Lubricants & Which Brand Makes the Best Chain Lubricant Ever?

We understand your dilemma. You love your bike and want to care for it, that’s why you are looking for a quality brand that makes the best chain lubricants ever. If yes, then you don’t have to worry a bit anymore, we are here to help you find out what you need so you can provide the best care for your bike.

Before we find out which brand makes the best chain lubricants ever, it makes sense to go over what chain lube types and benefits one more time.

2 Standard Types

The First is Wet Lubes, it’s great for wet conditions. Oil-based lubricants traditionally form a protective film that, unlike dry lubricants, is water-repellent. However, the disadvantage of Wet Lubes is that it is very easy to collect dust and dirt when driving in dry and dusty conditions.

The second is Dry Lubes. Dry lubricants are used in dry and dusty driving conditions. The lubricant adapts to the dry state but can fall into the liquid with constant use. The main disadvantage of dry lubricants is that they can be easily washed in even the slightest rain. It is very effective if the lubricated chain is left to rest for a few hours before installation.


  • Lubricants prevent oxidation. The lubricant practically forms a very thin film on the parts used. This will help prevent rust and extend the life of the parts.
  • Lubricants ensure smooth moving parts. This will cause the chain to move slowly over the cassette and sprockets. This is the main reason you want to lubricate your chain. Who likes sharp chains? In addition to moving parts, this makes it more ideal for fast driving.
  • Lubricants reduce wear. As mentioned above, the lubricant forms a coating on the components. This prevents direct contact between the metal, which in turn reduces friction damage.

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