What is the Most Appropriate Lubricant for Bike Chains?

All moving components on a bike require regular maintenance, one of which is to provide lubricant so that the components move smoothly. Lubricants are the key to having efficient, durable, smooth bike components. Experts in car detailing products carry out millions of studies to create lubricants that increase efficiency, don’t stick to dust and last a long time.

best chain lubricant for mountain bikes

In the past, lubricating a bike chain was very simple. Go to a repair shop, buy some lubricant, and apply it onto the chain, done. But now a lot of lubricants and special lubricants for bikes are being sold, not to mention the addition of different types. Is it really better, or is it just marketing? Do they sell the same item in different packaging?

For bike owners, it is important to understand that the gear chain plays an important role in transmitting power from the engine to the rear wheels as a driver. Therefore, the chain needs to be regularly lubricated.

There are several types of lubricants that are commonly used to lubricate chains, such as engine oil, penetrant fluids, and special chain lubricants, aka chain lube.

Some people choose used oil to lubricate the chain because apart from being cheap or even free, used oil is considered more durable because it doesn’t come off easily when exposed to water. Even though used oil contains residual particles from use, it is not suitable as a chain lubricant.

If we lubricate the chain using used oil, it can cause the chain to heat up quickly because dirt and dust can easily stick to it and so on.

Then for liquid penetrant, it is feared that the grease layer on the chain gear will dissolve too. This causes the friction between the chain and gear to become heavier.

Even so, if it is urgent, both types of lubricants can be used. But keep in mind that both used oil and liquid penetrants are not recommended as chain lubricants for the long term.

Experts prefer to use chain lube, like chain lube for duke 390 and chain lube Motul, as a chain lubricant. Because this fluid is indeed produced for this purpose, it has been designed in such a way to suit the chain work system.

Because in it, there are chemicals that not only lubricate but also resist friction so it doesn’t wear out quickly and doesn’t cause excessive dust and dirt to stick together.

Bonus: lubricate your bike chain with olive oil, Good or bad idea?

Unfortunately, using olive oil to grease your bike chain is not a good idea, here’s why:

  • The function of olive oil is to transmit heat to food, not to lubricate.
  • After several kilometers, the lubrication effect will be completely disappeared.
  • The low viscosity of olive oil will not allow optimum lubrication of bearings and joints in perpetual motion during your outings.

If you ride in rainy weather, the olive oil will be dissolved in a few kilometers and the lubricating effect will be non-existent.

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